Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a real post - Thought Police by Amy Maclin

Marisa needs this: Thought Police. Here are a few common cognitive distortions.

Emotional Reasoning: Conclusion based on nothing but strong feelings. ("I feel guilty - I must have done something wrong.")

Overgenarlizing: Seeing a negative event as part of an endless pattern of defeat. ("I didn't get the job. I'm such a loser. I'll never get another job again.")
Disqualifying the positive: Discoutning anything good as a fluke. ("That interview ent well, but soon they'll figure out I'm a fraud.")

All or nothing thinking: Looking at an issue in black-and-white terms. ("My boss didn't like an example in my report - I blew the whole thing!")

Step back and ask - what's the real world evidence that contradicts my negativism? (not your imaginative evidence!)

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