Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Real Simple

Real Simple 

Life is slowly becoming simpler. I go to work. I come home. I do dishes and clean bathrooms and do laundry. I take Lucy outside. I wait for Nate to come home. On rare beautiful days, Nate comes home about the same time I do and we snuggle. When people say, "So what do you and Nate like to do?" I have to bite my lips to keep from saying, "Snuggling." Because truly that is what we like to do. I guess when we are not so busy we will develop more hobbies. But right now it's work, sleep and snuggle. We eat occasionally too. Quick delicious meals Nate cooks up in our little kitchen with the stained limited-space counter top. (Stained such as it's been burnt and spilled on). (Oh, and Nate's quite a chef - I was kidding about the occasionally eating part.) We cash our paychecks and slowly dig ourselves out of the hole being newlyweds and students and slightly irresponsible all at the same time threw us into, besides paying our bills and mortgage and buying groceries and some other necessary and unnecessary stuff. We count our blessings and  take walks and go to church on Sunday and sing then and at home, and occasionally do stuff with our Financial Peace groupies. And now we are newlyweds, employed, and quite a bit more responsible. And I feel like I'm slowly recovering from the fragmentation and stress of college. And I can't say I'm not glad it's over.

So I know life will get complicated soon. And I know maybe we won't reach all our financial goals as quickly as we like to dream (such as how quickly we want to pay off all our debt). But it's good to dream. And work hard, and appreciate this quiet now.

Lorene knows what This Quiet Now really means. She'll understand.

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