Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why I'm Too Spacey for My Life

Or Maybe I'm just Too Spacey for My Life.

The other day Nate and I drove to a near by neighborhood in his cream-colored Ford Edge 2007 to look at a car. We test drove the car (a little black 97 Chevy Cavalier). When we were coming back to the neighborhood we were trying to remember which road it was that we were supposed to turn on. I tried to remember what kinds of vehicles we had parked next to as I looked down the little roads of houses and cars. I saw a Cream Colored Ford Edge 2007. "That looks like our car." I thought. "A Cream Colored Ford Edge 2007. We didn't park next to a Cream Colored Ford Edge 2007 that looks like our car, that I can remember. So I don't think this is the road."


Dori from Nemo: "es CAH pay. Hm. That's spelled just like Escape."

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  1. Ha! That's funny. Seriously it sounds like the way my mind works sometimes as well. Maybe everyone has these glitches. (-:

    I like the Dori reference....she was so funny.