Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cooking and Colors

So not concentrating so much on looking for a job has created time to just be me. And when you're done with college and you've actually learned to play the violin to an artistic fulfilling sort of satisfaction (meaning I'll never arrive where I want to be, but I play for pleasure and art and that's beautiful) and you're not sure what you're going to do with the rest of your life, you invite new things in that you once didn't have time or creative energy for.

As you all know I've always hated cooking. Nate's the chef, and a good one. He cooked. I cleaned. Worked perfectly. He loved it. I loved it. But he's been super busy with the busy season of home improvement sales (Home Depot) and I've been bored. And creatively unfulfilled, which leaves a big vacuum. Maybe it was also Gordon Ramsay's Master Chef television series, or even Kitchen Nightmares (could that inspire someone to cook?). Or maybe it was when my first issue of Real Simple came in the mail (a birthday present from Nate - mag sub about anything from fashion to food and SOOO interesting) and it had about 10 full color spreads of four weeks of menus and shopping lists. So I jotted down what I would need for 3 meals (I figured that would easily stretch to 5 or more for us) and Nate picked them up in our weekly shopping trip. (Yes, he also does the grocery shopping. What a guy, huh?) I made sure all meals centered around the same meat, which we already had. The best part? These meals are super easy and fast, super healthy and somewhat exotic, so they're way more fun that the meatloaf and potato you might have grown up with. Such as greek meatballs with feta and tomatoes and cukes. And some kid of exotic taco that I'm going to make tonight. And everything is drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil and you feel very good after you eat it. 

So I finally got bitten with a cooking bug. But I'm not going to be cooking for any large crowds or anything you know? Not just yet. Just havin' fun in my kitchen for Nate and I.

I've enjoyed reading some design blogs about graphic design, interior design and beauty and fashion. Actually if anyone knows any good ones about beauty and fashion, that would be great. Here's a list of sites and blogs I follow:




There you go. Beauty, interior design, all kinds of design. And Emily Henderson's blog also doubles as a fashion blog since she picks up so much inspiration from the world of fashion.

Also check out my new design blog! :)


Where you can see some great spaces and read about my new love affair with the color purple. (Especially when mixed with taupes and greys).

Have a lovely colorful week!

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