Saturday, September 11, 2010

That perches in the soul

And sings the tune
Without the words
And never stops at all.

As any of you who know know.

But I can't blog when my house needs cleaning, soooo

I'll be back.

Better. At least the downstairs is vacuumed and dusted and the laundry is on its way etc.

So anyway I'm unemployed. And it's been a rocky road. Four months plus of looking, applying, rewriting resumes and cover letters, doing temp work, and riding a roller coaster nowhere fast. And looking back over the last fourmonths, I realize it's all I've done. I haven't accomplished anything else.

And I also realize I'm paralyzed. I honestly don't know what to do next. The only jobs that contact me are the ones where I end up hearing, "sorry, overqualified." So why don't the other ones, the ones I'm not overqualified for, get back to me?

Well OK, one or two have. In State College and Philadelphia.

I can't move. My job has to be here in the economically overdriven happy city of Harrisburg, which, as you all know, has a very progressive driven innovative vibe.

So do I start my own thing? Freelance? Or pick another career direction to follow with all my heart, such as accounting or cosmetology? To clarify - I haven't only been looking for graphic designs. Graphic design jobs are only a handful of the jobs I've applied for, as there aren't many graphic design jobs in Harrisburg right now. Problem is, it's the majority of experience and education on my resume. And when employers see it, they say, "Sorry, you'll just leave as soon as you find a graphic design job."

And I say "No I won't! Stop that. Don't tell me what I'm going to do. Or, ok, maybe I WOULD leave if I found a graphic design job, but that won't happen for years. I'm sure. You gotta believe me." Voice trails off in confusion. OK I don't actually say all that, but you get the idea.

One company said I was overqualified. I was temping for this company. Guess what they did? Got a temp to fill in the position I applied for until they find the right one. I'm thinking, I'm already temping here. What about me? Cause my temp assignment was done that day.

If I didn't need money, I would just scribble on my Wacom tablet and upload designs to Vista and istock.

But I do, people, I do. And I'm not just a designer.

I can't lie and say I'm NOT a designer. I don't think I can remove every evidence of design from my resume, but you can be a designer and an accountant, or IT technician. Just like you can be a musician and a retail clerk. Or a writer and a teacher. That's life.

But right now, I'm lost, cause nobody will give me a chance to be any of those things.


  1. One correction: I would only leave for a design job if my current job gave me no opportunity to be creative and innovative.

  2. Cool. I really like your background. I'll keep checking up on you. I'll also keep praying that God will show you HIS way for you. ~Jen

  3. Hi Jen! My first follower! I would send you a message but I can't figure out how to.