Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Real Life

My post yesterday was about Josh Groban's song, Hidden Away. I could relate to it because I feel hidden right now.

And today in the Holy Bible I read the words, "Set your sights on the realities of heaven...for you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God." The words of Scripture, like they often do, catch you off guard, startle you, rearrange your thinking, perspective and priorities. So here I am feeling like I am totally in a valley of creativity and activity (meaning there is little creativity and activity) and wondering what good I'm doing anyone or anything and I'm reminded that my REAL LIFE is hidden, like a precious secret and treasure, inside of Jesus Christ. So if you believe those sorts of things then, what's happening that my five senses can see is not what's REALLY happening. Which sounds sort of crazy, but hey, who am I to argue with God? And it's a good thing that what's REALLY happening in my REAL LIFE isn't only what I see with my eyes right now. Cause right now I'm wearing pink socks and brown leather shoes, which is not how I would dress if anything important was going on today. It's more of a reminder that I don't care how I look because nothing important IS happening today. Not even the manicure I so happily scheduled. I had to cancel that because I realized I had just cut all my nails off violin-player style and there was not much to manicure. So anyway, what's really going on in the cosmos and in my life and in eternity because of my life is entirely different than this quiet, partly untidy house and the obnoxious pink socks with pink spots.

Of course God doesn't intend for us to stay in the valleys. I know that. I've always come out of them. So I'm looking forward to the next  climb. Which will happen because God is awesome.

And don't think I'm just sitting here in the valley either waiting for something magical to happen. I'm not. On Wednesday I'm going to a new business meeting and feeling things out. And I have a few other ideas up my sleeve.

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